Leah Barclay | Curatorial Statement for Floating Land 2011
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Curatorial Statement for Floating Land 2011

Curatorial Statement for Floating Land 2011

Leah Barclay’s curatorial statement from the 2011 Floating Land program;

“The natural disasters experienced in 2011 are a horrific reminder that climate change is a reality. The Water Culture theme resonates strongly at a time where we need to shift our collective thinking and actions towards water globally. Floating Land offers a platform for creative responses, provocations and interactive experiences that can underpin new ways of thinking and inspire change.

Water Culture expands the traditional elements of Floating Land to include works engaging ephemeral projections, light and sound in the natural environment. This is exemplified through works such as Dr Ros Bandt’s Blue Gold; a multimedia performance installation investigating the delicate balance between wet and dry in our natural landscape, and the multi-sensory installation of Lyndon Davis, which recognises the critical value of Indigenous knowledge systems and the ramifications of treating water as a commodity.

The diverse creative responses are embedded in a program of community workshops, forums and interactive labs designed to confront and challenge a spectrum of water issues across disciplines. The intention is not just to deliver engaging experiences for the local community, but also to harness the energy of these conversations, ideas and visions across virtual platforms exploring new paradigms for our collective future.”

Further information at www.floatingland.org.au