Leah Barclay | CANOPY
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CANOPY is an augmented and virtual reality project bringing tropical rainforests to urban environments through immersive technology.

CANOPY sits within a broader project called Rainforest Listening that encourages communities to engage with the Amazon Rainforest in urban environments across the world. At the heart of CANOPY is an augmented reality installation that layers rainforest soundscapes in urban environments to inspire ecological engagement. Listeners access the sounds via mobile devices and sculpt their own experience by triggering geolocated soundscapes as they walk through iconic locations across the world.

Rainforest Listening launched during CLIMATE WEEK 2015 in the heart of Times Square, New York City and has since featured at global events, including COP21 in Paris where the Eiffel Tower was transformed into a sonic rainforest. Listeners can hear the rich biodiversity of insects and birdlife and those who venture deeper into the global sound maps can discover the endangered Amazon River dolphins or elusive howler monkeys hidden throughout cities.

Rainforest Listening is not just an artwork, but a long-term research project that will see recording devices and live streaming networks installed in remote rainforests throughout the world. In the coming years you will be able to explore international landmarks, from London Bridge to the Sydney Opera House, and listen to the changing soundscapes of the rainforest.

Rainforest Listening is developed in collaboration with RAINFOREST PARTNERSHIP, an international NGO founded with a mission to protect tropical rainforests by partnering with local and global communities.

Please visit www.rainforestlistening.com for further information on experiencing the installation and upcoming touring locations.