Leah Barclay | Ear to the Earth Concert: Diffuse II
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Ear to the Earth Concert: Diffuse II

Ear to the Earth Concert: Diffuse II

Thursday 31 May 6.30pm, Bon Marche Studio, 755 Harris Street, Ultimo
University of Technology, Sydney

In collaboration with Ear to the Earth and the Electronic Music Foundation, New York, join us for an evening of sonic exploration, presenting exquisite spatial recordings from around the globe, exploring acoustic ecology, soundscape, and our changing sonic environment, including the CD launch ‘Blue Gold’ (Ros Bandt & Leah Barclay).

Hollis Taylor: Pied Butcherbird Song (field recordings)
Garth Paine: Presence in the Landscape
Ros Bandt: Tragoudia (soundscape with Tarhu & Habiouli)
Leah Barclay: Narmada Valley Sketch *
Jon Drummond: New Work *
Ros Bandt & Leah Barclay: Rivers Talk *
(* premiere)

Post Concert: Ros Bandt & Leah Barclay – Blue Gold/Rivers Talk CD Launch

Bon Marche Studio 755 Harris Street, Ultimo
University of Technology, Sydney
UTS Broadway – Bon Marche Building CB03.01.05
Admission by donation at the door
Enquiries: Jon.Drummond@uts.edu.au

Programme Notes:

Narmada Valley Sketch

Narmada Valley Sketch by Leah Barclay is a preview of DAM(N), a large-scale interdisciplinary project that connects Australian and Indian communities around a common concern: water security. It presents the lives of remote communities in the Narmada Valley of North India, displaced by large-scale dam development securing hydropower for Indian cities. The construction of large dams on the River Narmada in India and its impact on millions of people living in the river valley has become one of the most important social issues in contemporary India.

Rivers Talk

Rivers Talk is Leah Barclay and Ros Bandt’s first collaborative composition for their new album Blue Gold, released on Hearing Places in 2012. Rivers Talk is a radiophonic work on Australian river ecology, a joint mix of river culture from the Murray River in Mildura, Victoria and the Noosa River in Queensland. Rivers Talk dissolves the dense local sonic profiles from the artists’ solo works Voicing the Murray (1996) and Confluence (2005) in a dynamic profile of continuing issues surrounding river care and the sensitive man/nature relationships. Through the radiophonic medium of collaborative electroacoustic sound, these issues can be heard through the authentic local voices and revisited not only in Australia but worldwide.