Leah Barclay | 100xJOHN, World Forum on Music (2013)
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100xJOHN, World Forum on Music (2013)

100xJohn is a global salute to John Cage and his explorations of the infinite possibilities of music. Produced by Ear to the Earth in New York, this sound installation features 100 compositions and field recordings by artists from across the world. The installation is an immersive space where the compositions are mixed live by Leah Barclay in response to the audience and the time of day. 

WHEN: Friday, 21-24 November 2013 – 9:00am to 12:30pm

WHERE: IMERSD – Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane, Australia
100xJohn was curated by Leah Barclay for the 2013 5th IMC World Forum on Music (WFM5). From 21-24 November 2013, more than 1,000 people engaged with WFM5, which turned the newly refurbished building of Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University and its direct surroundings into a vibrant and truly global meeting place for all things music. Over 600 registered for WFM5 and/or one or more of its twelve satellite conferences, and another 400+ were involved as partners, performers, presenters, panellists, chairs, organisers, or working behind the scenes.
International delegates have written in characterising WFM5 as ‘superb’, a ‘wonderful gathering’, an ‘outstanding success’ with a ‘great program’ that ‘allowed excellent opportunities for discussing issues which one normally doesn’t find time for contemplating’ at a ‘level of discussion as good as anywhere in the world’ while making an ‘enormous contribution to the increasingly fringe-less arts scene in Brisbane.’
For the many people across the world who have not been able to attend the World Forum on Music in person due to distance, expense, or Australian visa regulations, the sessions were recorded for all to experience. Some of these have already been live-streamed, but in order to ensure continued access, the conference website (www.worldforumonmusic.org) is being redeveloped to feature photos, key texts, and full videos of key sessions.





The environmental sound organization Ear to the Earth and MA.P.S (Media Arts, Performance, and Sound) Program at White Box joined forces to present 100 x John in 2012, a weekend-long multimedia extravaganza celebrating the end of the 100th anniversary of John Cage’s birth with 100 compositions and sound art pieces by artists from around the world. In a 1937 talk, “The Future of Music: Credo”, Cage said, “I believe that the use of noise to make music will continue and increase until we reach a music produced through the aid of electrical instruments which will make available for musical purposes any and all sounds that can be heard.” As a salute to Cage’s leadership in opening up music to all sounds, 100 x John will feature a vast array of works, all based on field recording, natural and urban, some using traditional instruments and voice. Most of the pieces had never been presented in New York or in a concert setting before.

The initial project in New York was curated by Joel Chadabe, who worked with Leah Barclay to curate the program for the World Forum on Music.

The featured composers and sound artists included the following:

Joel Chadabe 01 Scenes from Staten Island
Richard Lainhart 02 Manhattan Sounds
Joseph Kubera 03 To Manhattan
Maggi Payne 04 Wet
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay 05 Before Evening at the Roadside
Jane Rigler 06 The Calling Yakimo
Giorgio Sancristoforo 07 JOHN 1/179/20
Patrick Derivaz 08 Front Back Vice Versa And Me In The Middle
Ricardo Garcia 09 Praca Pau Brasil 2
David de Gandarias 10 Psarocolius Montezuma
Arsenije Jovanovic 11 Resava Variations
Alban Bassuet 12 Near the S Train, Brooklyn
Anne Guthrie 13 Under the 7th Line, Queens
Thomas Gerwin 14 24 Stunden Viki
Inge Olmheim 15 Hooley Station Windmills
Warren Burt 16 Wombat Hill
Jo Langton 17 On Dungeness Beach
Justin H. Brierley 18 Jerry at the Zoo
Walter Branchi 19 Silver Arrow
Stephen F. Lilly 20 Transportation Frame
Jann Rosen-Queralt 21 Cycle
Gregory Kramer 22 At The Hearth
Guy Barash 23 Cage(d)
Alexis Clements 24 Please Loiter
Ximena Alarcon 25 Sounding Underground
Alden Jenks 26 Tokyo Crow
Ronen Shai 27 Library Window
Phil Dadson 28 Firestarters
H. E. Cicada Brokaw Dennis 29 Meadoweave
William Blakeney 30 Broadway Boogie Woogie
Leah Barclay 31 Confluence
Alessandro Cipriani 32 Sonografia n.1: Catania
Garth Paine 33 Paris Piano Only
Robert Scott Thompson 34 A View from Slemish to the South
Robert Scott Thompson 34 A View from Waterfoot to the Northeast
Eleonor Sandresky 35 Hola John
Michael Boyd 36 invasion/symbiosis (II)
Donald Bosley 37 Puzzle Variations
Susan Kaprov 37 Puzzle Variations
Alyce Santoro & Julian Mock 38 Landscape: Marfa, Texas, John Cage 100th Birthday Ode
Robin Parmar 39 Caged Birds (Augmentation)
Hallvardur Asgeirsson Herzog 40 Citiscape New York
Luca Forcucci 41 Meta
Nate Aldrich, Yannick Moutassie, Ryan Page, Rebecca Chambers 42 Dirigo Mix
Michael Austin 43 “Until I die there will be sounds…”
James Harley 44 North India Soundscapes
Rodolphe Alexis 45 Altamira Station at Dawn
Adam Gooderham 46 Dawn at Goongerah
David Hirst 47 La Vie Naturelle
Jonathan (Jono) Gilmurray 48 Badock’s Wood
Thom Holmes 49 100 Words of John Cage
Francisco Lopez 50 Buildings [New York]
David Rothenberg 51 Magicicada Unexpected Road
Alvin Curran 52 Eighteenth and Sixth
Philip Mantione 53 Track 3
Paula Matthusen 54 “let us say yes”
David Forshee 55 Washington Square New York
Ricardo Dal Farra 56 Between my sky and your water
Tae Hong Park 57 Fireflies and Cicadas
Milica Paranosic 58 A Bronx Tale
Petri Kuljuntausta & Erkki Soininen 59 Lecture on Site-Specific Art
André Éric Létourneau 60 Hommage Boiteux
Emmanuel Galvan Martinez 61 The Noisy Elephant