Leah Barclay | CHAOSTROPHY (2009)
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Chaostrophy is an experimental trio formed for the iconic Woodford Folk Festival in 2009.The trio comprises of Leah Barclay, electronic and experimental composer; Moto Niwa, Taiko drummer/esoteric artist, and Steve Weis art-metal/resonance researcher.

Their 45 minute live show, titled “One flew East, One flew West and One flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest” featured a range of original compositions and intuitive improvisation using hand made instruments, experimental percussion and nature elements such as water.

Their collaboration began in the workshop with questions of form and materials dedicated to artifacts of existential visual and sound expression. These objects become the soundscape palette and brushes portraying relationship between chaos and cohesion. This improvisation also explores non-notated sound materials charting an intuitive interpretation, linking visual and sound references to the dialogue of the performance. This unique and experimental adventure in sound was a highlight for many at Woodford Folk Festival 2009.

The trio also presented a panel called ‘Sonic Frontiers’ exploring the possibilities of composition and improvisation in cross-cultural contexts.


Steve Weis is a revolutionary art-metal designer and pioneer in forged furniture, architecture, and sculpture for more than thirty years, representing Australian blacksmithing internationally as a Churchill Fellow. Simultaneously he has conducted deep personal research into the roots of creativity and consciousness. For the past ten years he has focussed on processes of transformation at his home/studio/gallery/gardens in Kin Kin, an icon of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. There he shares with the public his deep personal journey portrayed through wondermental artifacts exploring sound, motion, resonance, chaos and coherence.


Moto Niwa has an extraordinary range of experience and skills in visual arts, performing arts, community arts, public arts and community cultural development fields. Currently works as cultural and artistic consultant including cross-cultural contexts, well-being, inter-disciplinary collaboration, disability, youth, youth at risk and environmental arts project. His role includes project developer, coordinator, facilitator, trainer, sculptor, photographer, performer and sound artist. He sits in member expert peer advisors i.e. cultural diversity consultative committee, social justice and community partnership (2000-2007), and also assessment panel for major/small grants for the Arts Queensland (2004-2006). In 2007 he has received honourable degree on Maestro Oki Do Mikkyo Yoga from Okido Mikkyo Yoga, Italia, and also Diploma Nazionale from the Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale. Currently he sits in member for lecturer for the Libera Universita Oki do Mikkyo Yoga, Italy.