Leah Barclay | EROTIQUE (2010)
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The Sydney Fringe and XS Entertainment presents Erotique, inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s risqué La Ronde. This new adaptation by Australian director Sam Coward, reveals 6 characters in a series of personal and poignant vignettes; relationships that will prompt audiences to question their own intimacies and society’s sexual mores. Erotique provides a closer look at human intent, emotion and deception. Erotique is dark, delicious new theatre, like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

“Exciting, brave and committed. A great piece of thought provoking theatre” Simon Denver SRT.

“The music was hauntingly beautiful and a masterpiece unto itself.” Ian MacKeller, The Noosa Longweekend.

“The meditative sound scape by internationally renowned musician Leah Barclay and the minimalist set and lighting focused audience attention exclusively on the riveting interplay between the characters.” Frank Wilkie, Sunshine Coast Daily.