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OpticResOptic Resonance is an interactive public artwork that explores various methods of real-time sound visualisation to ignite our auditory surroundings. The versatile installation is adaptable to any scale and suitable for outdoor environments. In our visually dominant society, this work uses ephemeral projection to make us aware of the sounds we make and the soundscape we are constantly immersed in.

The installation uses a live microphone to capture surrounding soundscapes that are transferred into a series of real-time spectrograms and sonograms. This imagery forms the basis for the artistic projections that are processed live in response to the projection surfaces and surrounding environment. Optic Resonance can be installed permanently in public spaces or for shorter durations at festivals and events. The work can be accompanied by live performances that showcase the possibilities of real-time sound visualisation, and can also be accompanied by community engagement workshops and local collaborations.  The work has appeared at several locations throughout Queensland and is currently under development for two festivals in Australia and South Korea.

The development of Optic Resonance was supported by Sunshine Coast Regional Council and the concept was developed by Leah Barclay during a projection lab with Craig Walsh as part of his ‘Digital Odyssey’ tour.

Digital Odyssey was an 18 month tour and artist residency, which bought Australian artist Craig Walsh’s distinctive artwork to locations throughout the country. For this innovative and ambitious project, Walsh traveled around Australia developing and presenting temporary large-scale public projection and multi media works that were collaborative with communities and responsive to regional history, local stories and the surrounding landscape. Digital Odyssey aimed to initiate meaningful interaction with contemporary art by enabling rural and remote audiences to experience and actively engage with the development and installation of media art works rarely presented outside of major cities. The tour was managed by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney” For full details visit http://www.digitalodyssey.com.au