Leah Barclay | RIVERS TALK (2012)
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 RIVERS TALK is a new collaborative radiophonic work on Australian river ecology, a joint mix of river culture from the Murray River in Mildura, Victoria and the Noosa River in Queensland. RIVERS TALK dissolves the dense local sonic profiles from the artists’ solo works Voicing the Murray (1996) and Confluence (2005) in a dynamic profile of continuing issues surrounding river care and the sensitive man/nature relationships. Through the radiophonic medium of collaborative electroacoustic sound, these issues can be heard through the authentic local voices and revisited not only in Australia but worldwide.

 RIVERS TALK is the first major collaboration between Ros Bandt and Leah Barclay


 RIVERS TALK has been been released as a limited edition CD by hearing places. The CD is printed on recycled environmental friendly materials and also includes Ros Bandt’s acclaimed composition Blue Gold.

Purchase this CD online on the hearing places website www.hearingplaces.com

Read an article about this new collaboration by Janine Marshman in Resonant Magazine here


Ros Bandt is an internationally acclaimed sound artist, composer, performer, installation artist and scholar.  Since 1977 she has pioneered ‘sounding’ unusual acoustic sites, audience interactive installations, spatial music, sound sculptures, sound playgrounds, free music systems and curated large scale dynamic collaborative events. She has won the soundart Australia prize, Don Banks composers fellowship, and the Benjamin Cohen peace prize for innovation for her sound installation Altars of Power and Desire, USA.