Leah Barclay | Rainforest Listening, SXSW Eco, Austin
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Rainforest Listening, SXSW Eco, Austin

Rainforest Listening, SXSW Eco, Austin


In October 2015 Rainforest Listening launched in Austin, Texas during SXSW Eco. SXSW Eco creates a space for business leaders, investors, innovators and designers to advance solutions that drive economic, environmental and social change. In its fifth year, the conference featured collaborative events to facilitate direct connections, as well as focused panel sessions and competitions that introduced attendees to transformative products, technologies and ideas. Through provocative programming, strategic alliances and global participation, SXSW Eco supports the communities creating a positive impact.  The sounds of the Amazon were growing throughout

The sounds of the Amazon were growing throughout Austin Convention Centre during the three day event and the installation was based in the Social Good Hubwith the UN Foundation where we hosted presentations and demonstrations on Rainforest Listening. Rainforest Partnership also hosted a Sound Walk from the Austin Convention Center to the SXSW Eco Awards Ceremony on Rainey Street where listeners navigated with geotagged sounds of the rainforest. As part of the official SXSW Eco

As part of the official SXSW Eco calendar we hosted an event called “Rainforest Recharge” for attendants of the conference to listen to a live performance of immersive rainforest soundscapes with Leah Barclay and Garth Paine. Both events used the listener’s sense of hearing to connect them to the rainforest, allowing them to realize that the rainforest is very real and very alive. Rainforest Listening also featured at Austin City Limits, October 2-11 as part of ACL Cares with Rainforest Partnership. Rainforest Listening will continue growing across Austin in 2016. Download Recho to discover sounds throughout Austin. 

Explore Rainforest Listening @ www.rainforestlistening.com