Leah Barclay | Resurgence & Ecologist Interview
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Resurgence & Ecologist Interview

Resurgence & Ecologist Interview

Ecoacoustic artist Leah Barclay took the Amazon rainforest up the Eiffel Tower. Justine Reilly hears how – and why – she did it.

The latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist has the theme of “working together and working with nature”. The issue recognises nature’s elemental force, putting humanity and our daily concerns into perspective.

Justine Reilly interviews Leah Barclay about her creative work with acoustic ecology and ecoacoutics.

The article focuses around Barclay’s sound installation for the Eiffel Tower at COP21, known as Rainforest Listening, which is indicative of Barclay’s work, which began in music composition and has since migrated into acoustic ecology. Reilly explores Barclays work across environmental sciences, audio engineering, software engineering, creative arts and anthropology to form installations and performances that merge past, future and real-time people and Nature.

The article explores how the creative art of sound composition offers unforetold benefits to environmental sciences: it turns out that accurately recorded sound is one of the most effective forms of data for tracking changes to fragile environments in the process of climate change.

Read an excerpt of the article online here: https://www.resurgence.org/magazine/article5097-sound-effects.html