Leah Barclay | TreeSongs: Transient Sound Installation
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TreeSongs: Transient Sound Installation

TreeSongs: Transient Sound Installation

TREE SONGS: Transient Sound Installation
Directed by Leah Barclay and the sonic explorers

FREE! 2pm – 4pm – July 1st, 2012

Arts & Ecology Centre – Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens, Tanawha.
TreeLine 2012 – www.treeline.org.au

TreeSongs is an evocative transient sound installation featuring live performances and ephemeral soundscapes planted on portable speakers in the natural environment.
The audience will be guided through the installation in small groups experiencing a curated selection of outcomes from the Sonic Explorers workshops, a dynamic series of activities involving Soundscape Ecology, recording experiments and sound sculpting in the natural environment.
This immersive experience ignites the auditory perception and constructs a new world shaped by sound and navigated by listening. TreeSongs encourages a greater awareness of the constant soundscape that surrounds us at a time when it is increasingly important to listen to the natural environment.
The TreeSongs experience lasts for 15mins and will run 6 times from 2pm-4pm on July 1st at the Maroochy Botanic Gardens on the Sunshine Coast as part of Treeline 2012 www.treeline.org.au

Arts & Ecology Centre – Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens,

Tanawha QLD 4556 (07) 5441 8282

Sonic Explorers – www.sonicexplorers.org