Leah Barclay | World Science Festival 2017
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World Science Festival 2017

World Science Festival 2017

100 WAYS TO LISTEN is a new project exploring the art and science of sound and documenting a decade of innovative music-making at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. The project launched at the 2017 World Science Festival Brisbane, with performances, interactive installations, immersive sonic environments and augmented reality sound walks presented by over 150 staff and students. The events for World Science Festival Brisbane attracted hundreds of people throughout the weekend of March 24th 2017.  Visit the Griffith News Story “Where Music and Science Meet” or read the 100 Ways to Listen event reviews in Limelight MagazineThe Australian and ABC News story which features Leah Barclay talking about the value of music in responding to climate change. 

Leah developed a range of projects for 100 WAYS TO LISTEN, with the core activities focused around augmented reality installations stretching throughout South Bank, 3D sound environments in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and immersive installations and performances inspired by science, changing climates and interdisciplinary research.

Launching on World Water Day for World Science Festival Brisbane 2017, 
the South Bank Augmented Reality Sound Walks use GPS points along the Brisbane River to trigger audio based on location and movement. These experiences explore the artistic and scientific possibilities of listening to the environment and the potential for new approaches in the conservation of global waterways. Visit the sound walks page on 100 Ways to Listen to explore the project. 

In 2017, 100 WAYS TO LISTEN will feature discussions, performances, interactive installations, immersive sonic environments, sound walks, publications, exhibitions and virtual reality experiences. These sonic interventions will unfold throughout the year culminating in a publication launching on World Listening Day, July 18 2017. Join us on twitter @100xListen or #100xListen for regular updates. 
Visit the official website for 100 Ways to Listen here 
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