Leah Barclay | BREATHE PROJECT KOREA (2011)
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BREATH is a collaborative performance work with Leading Korean percussionist Yoonsang Choi and Australian composer Leah Barclay. This project  explores the elusive nature of Korean traditional rhythm and gestures of the body through innovative technology triggering multi-channel sound and live visuals. Both performers work intuitively together sculpting real time sound and visuals in an immersive environment designed for an intimate audience.

The work builds on the technology developed in their first successful collaboration “Juxtapose” premiered in Seoul in 2009 at Art Center Nabi. Juxtapose responded to the rich layers of the city of Seoul while ‘Breathe’ explores deeper themes in intangible cultural heritage, intercultural collaborations and the relationship between Korean traditional music and the environment. 

This work provides a contemporary insight into Korean traditional culture fused with sound and imagery of the past. ‘Breathe’ opened December 10th at Blossom Land in Seoul, South Korea and will tour Australia and the Asia-Pacific region after the premiere. 

Yoon Sang Choi is a leading Korean percussionist who has been involved in a diversity of projects to rearrange Korean traditional music for modern audiences. He invented the electronic hour glass drum called “super janggu” in collaboration with professor YI doneung at Seoul National University. In 2003 he founded the band “wHOOL,” an ensemble who now have an international reputation performing at leading events in France, Belgium, Netherlands and the USA.

BREATH was created by Leah Barclay and Yoonsang Choi with support from the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. The piece was described as “entrancing” and “completely original, yet respectfully grounded in traditional culture, with a highly innovative approach to contemporary performance” by members of the first audience.