Leah Barclay | NEOSONIC (2010)
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Virtual Orchestra, Community Engagement & Interactive sound performances 

{neo}sonic is a new project designed to capture the voice of global communities through sound based art and technology. The multi-platform nature of the project involves a virtual orchestra, indigenous soundscapes, community engagement workshops and a collaboration with Sonic Babylon to deliver innovative outcomes in real and virtual worlds. {neo}sonic was selected as one of five projects for incubation through NeoGeoGraphy in Australia with support from Sunshine Coast Regional CouncilQueensland Writers Centre,  Arts Queensland and the Australia Council for the Arts under the direction of Leah Barclay. The project was initially developed as a website (www.neo-sonic.org) to act as a virtual hub for the development of the project. This virtual platform hosted all of the content leading into the official showcase on November 4, 2010 at the Mill Place Arts Precinct on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  

NeoGeoGraphy is a project which brings together creative practice and new technologies to capture the community’s connection with where they live. Watch the short video below that was produced during one of the {neo}sonic community workshops. 



{neo}sonic virtual orchestra

The {neo}sonic virtual orchestra is a evolving collective of artists who use digital technology to produce and perform music. The digital devices include mobile phones, ipads and laptops installed with music creation applications.  

{neo}sonic has explored the most accessible performances tools and experimented with new methods of integrating digital technology with live performance. The virtual orchestra has collaborated with musicians in up to six countries simultaneously. We are focused on experimentation and exploration in virtual environments and are always interested in working with other musicians from around the world.

About the {neo}sonic Sound Garden  

{neo}sonic has partnered with Sonic Babylon to create an interactive Sound Garden growing with the stories and sounds of the local community.  The Sound Garden is installed permanently at the Mill Place Precinct, offering the community an exciting way to define itself through place, interaction and time.  The intent of the Sound Garden is to surround the world with music, sounds, and stories, local and universal, ancient and of tomorrow, easily accessible on everyday mobile devices. Riding local Wi-Fi networks, the garden grows in selected spaces within a community, bringing the music, sounds, and stories of that locale’s past and present into the future, and allowing networked visitors access to a world beyond the world they see. The garden hangs invisibly in the air and may be both heard and shaped by visitors on their Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices when they visit or pass through. 


What is NeoGeoGraphy? 

NeoGeoGraphy is a project which brings together creative practice and new technologies to capture the community’s connection with where they live. NeoGeoGraphy asks creative thinkers to explore and document how the Sunshine Coast community defines itself through place, interaction and time. The project is open to all forms of creative practice and thinking, with an emphasis on innovation.

NeoGeoGraphy falls under the 3C’s Project, spanning three regional centres – Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, and Bundaberg – it aims to create sustainable outcomes for each community in terms of artistic development, creative enterprise and a model for community engagement.

Locally-designed community projects, based on digital or locative media, narrative and writing, will enrich each region and stimulate the creative business sector.  Each community will define and generate projects which engage schools, community groups, local government programs and a range of creative professionals.  Skills developed may further benefit all three communities in the long-term through the development of content for individual, business or community needs, such as education, tourism, television and print media and local government projects.

3Cs is a Community Partnerships initiative funded by the Australia Council and Arts Queensland in partnership with regional councils in the Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton and Bundaberg.  It is led and implemented by Queensland Writers Centre and the 3Cs Project facilitator Jock McQueenie.