Leah Barclay | JUXTAPOSE (2009)
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‘Juxtapose’ was composed in Seoul, South Korea in December 2009 during an Asialink Residency. The work features sound recordings from across the city of Seoul ranging from the serenity of the Buddhist temple bells to the unnerving civil defence drill siren. Conceptually Juxtapose reveals some of the enticing sonic layers of the city and the intense contrast that exist in Seoul. All of the electronic source material has been extensively processed to create an abstract soundscape that intertwines with the surging energy of the city and whispers of the past.

Juxtapose exists in two versions one for Korean percussion and electronics and the second for Taegum and electronics. The first collaboration with Korean percussionist Yoonsang Choi was completed in residence at Art Center Nabi in Seoul and received its premiere on November 25th 2009 at the New Theatre Series, Art Center Nabi. Juxtapose II, a collaboration with master taegum artist Hyelim Kim premiered as the featured work in the ‘Sori Art’ program at the Alternative Loop Gallery in Seoul, South Korea on December 10th 2009. Juxtapose will be released on CD/DVD in 2011.