Leah Barclay | SORI ART, SOUTH KOREA (2009)
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“Sori Art” Hyelim Kim & Leah Barclay

Saturday December 5th 6.30pm, Loop Media Center 3F, Alternative Space Loop

HyeLim_SoriArt‘Sori Art’ is a new collaboration between Master Taegum artist Hyelim Kim and innovative Australian composer Leah Barclay. The concert will feature six new electroacoustic works fusing Korean traditional music with the infinite possibilities of technology. The ‘Sori Art’ program was supported by Alternative Space Loop and the Korean Arts Council during Leah Barclay’s 2009 Asialink Residency in South Korea. A CD/DVD of this program will be released in 2010. 



Hyelim Kim

A native of Korea, Hyelim Kim is a pioneer musician/composer in fusion music developing a new aspect of Korean traditional music in taegum (Korean traditional flute) performance, improvisation and composition. She earned a BA and an MA in Korean traditional music at Seoul National University, which is her original resource of musical inspiration. Upon graduating, she was recommended as an excellent performer to enter the “Nationwide Korean Traditional Music Concert for New Performers”. She has been appointed as Young Artist from the Korean council in 2009 and Kumho Cultural Foundation in 2006. Along with the practical activities, Hyelim Kim has a further commitment to explore the way Korean music has interacted with various kinds of music to make a new heterogeneous musical culture by doing a PhD at the University of Sydney. www.hyelimkim.com